Our Commitment


In The American Orthodox Christian Communion, we understand that the Christian faith is all about people and their real needs. We are not aimless in living the Gospel. We are Eucharistic: Our fulfillment is to see precious souls finding comfort and healing in Christ. Our expression allows for a variety of ministries, liturgical practices, and outreach activities, either as a community or in fellowship with other like-minded Christians and their respective leaders. We offer a warm welcome to everyone, especially people who have been denied the sacraments for any reason, people who have felt like second-class citizens in other places, and people looking for a genuine relationship with our Lord. Our greatest value however is being Christ-like. By imitating Christ, we put our faith in action:

To the poor, the hungry, the homeless, we are help and hope;

To those faced with unplanned pregnancy, we are support and guidance;

To the stranger, we are a path to acceptance and participation;

To the prisoner, we are a source of comfort;

To the orphan and widows, we are a family;

To the seeker, we are tolerant, understanding and inviting;

To those disappointed by the church, we are a channel of reconciliation;

To the less fortunate, we are a vehicle of compassion;

To the battered and their children, we are a spiritual shelter and safety;

To Christians willing to carry out their God given talents, we are ready to rejoice in the fruit of their gifts. Because we see injustice, we are a voice for social change and peaceful action.