Our Path


Living our life with God the Creator, in the way of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit and in affirmation of the ancient Creeds, we are committed to the following:

We will be committed to Jesus’ way of love, grace and truth-telling;

We will seek to know Jesus as Lord over every aspect of life;

We will seek reconciliation with God;

We will devote ourselves to serving others and peacefully fight for what is good and godly;

We will actively seek to know God more fully through the partaking of the Sacraments, the reading of Scripture, the wisdom of His people, and in all whom we meet; trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit to shape us into the likeness of Jesus Christ;

We will be and find good soul-friends for the Journey;

We will pursue an acceptable to God rhythm of prayer and praise within our abilities;

We will honor our fathers and mothers in Faith and imitate them in everything good;

We will help others live their divine purpose by inviting them to follow the abundant and liberating way of Jesus;

We will strive to purify our hearts from the desire for possession and power – and strive to be in right and holy relationship with God and each other. Within these promises, we have committed to a common life and mission rooted in this Communion. Together we seek to live lives of grace, peace, reconciliation, hospitality, justice, joy, love and hope, knowing that ‘another life is possible’.